We’re a two-person team based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles. We don’t market ourselves, attend meetups, or appear on podcasts. That’s because we prefer to get to know each of our investors over a phone call or a coffee chat. We want to make sure passively investing in syndications is the right strategy for you.

Our history dates back to 2008 where we met snowboarding at Mountain High. Our shared passion for the outdoors and people led us to start a business centered around relationships with real people. As a homage to the outdoors where we first met, and the place humans call home, we’ve joined the One Percent for the Planet movement and donate 1% of our gross income annually.

Jeff Almonte

Jeff is a licensed professional electrical engineer and real estate agent in Los Angeles. You can find him building his tolerance for spicy foods in Korean Town.

Tommy Hoang

Tommy was formerly a public school teacher before working in San Francisco’s tech industry (it’s a cliche, he knows!). You can find him eating ice cream even when it’s raining.