We’re a small and agile team based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our backgrounds in real estate, education, and engineering enable us to create exceptional experiences for our stakeholders, from our tenants to our investors.

We’re a team of two and our history dates back to 2008 where we met snowboarding in Southern California. Our shared passion for the outdoors and community led us to start a business in an industry focused on developing relationships with real people. As a homage to the place that connects everyone, we’ve joined the likes of Patagonia in the One Percent for the Planet movement and will be donating 1% of our profits annually.


Jeff Almonte

Jeff is a licensed professional electrical engineer and real estate agent in Los Angeles. He has worked on engineering projects worth over $1B throughout his career. He was recently a featured speaker for the FIBI group in Pasadena, CA.

Tommy Hoang

Tommy most recently worked in the tech sector in San Francisco before transitioning to real estate full-time. He spearheaded the research identifying Phoenix, AZ as an emerging market. He was the guest speaker at the San Francisco Real Estate meetup.